Wordpress 404 Flood Crash

Very simply and briefly Wordpress is vulnerable to being overloaded by rapid (and possibly lazy loading?) attacks on random php files.Bots come looking for a list of vulnerable plugin php files at a very high rate of speed. Even though these files do not exist on your installation (because you're careful about which plugins you install), they still … [Read more...]

What are the Green Calendars?

The Green Calendars is a project produced by CCMLabs.The goal is to bring the environmental volunteers of the Portland region together with news and announcements about volunteer opportunities in the Portland area.The Green Calendars makes us of Modern Tribe's Event Calendar and Google Maps. As we go forward we will be adding CRM capability and … [Read more...]

Who are we?

CCMLabs is a web development company. Web development is what we do. Particularly we are concerned with Custom Content Management(CCM) solutions for business sectors.What does that mean... It means we want to push business sectors (say Landscaping companies for example) to examine their online needs and develop the Content Management Solution … [Read more...]

Managing Twitter

Running a Twitter profile can be an overwhelming experience if you follow more than a handful of active Twits. It's a lot like drinking from a fire hose... though seriously has ANYBODY ever actually tried that.The Green Calendars had a problem recently sifting and responding to the extraordinary amount of information generated by just 130 twitter … [Read more...]