Introducing Pugs for Pigs!

We're launching a fundraiser for farm sanctuaries for all kinds of animal lovers. We have pug t-shirts, and wanted to donate all profits to worthy causes.The idea for pugs supporting pigs came from the similarity between domestic animals and farm animals. Besides both having curly tails,  both pugs and pigs have personality, intelligence and an … [Read more...]

Because I just like doing it... my food illustrations

I just looked at my archives, and I've been sketching food off and on for about 5 years! It started as rough drawings. For the last year or two, I started doing them digitally. It seemed like a way to track what I ate and improve my art skills rather than a boring list. Later, it was more of a way to show a variety of plant-based options. I think it … [Read more...]

New additions to THRIVE

We haven't been posting lately since we've been busy updating our main website. At this point, we are combining some of our individual projects into THRIVE creative, our design firm. Not only will it be easier to maintain, but we post about sustainability and environmental events which are also connected with the types of groups and people we would love … [Read more...]

Ripple Milk: making a splash

Ever since we read about Ripple Milk, we were intrigued! We sample a lot of non-dairy milk, but tend to stick to the 12 pack soy milks available from Costco just as that is easier, and we all like it. I personally find coconut milk a little slimy, and Jonathan objects to almond milk because of almond’s water intensive needs (although actually there is … [Read more...]

An ode to our electric car

The story below is reposted from January 2013. We are now on our second lease with a newer Leaf, and it is now around $200 month, but the battery is much better and goes farther. We continue to love this car! When our lease runs out, the 2018 looks very promising. The electricity cost has not been noticeable at all- we charge it at our home and it takes … [Read more...]